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    It is very important that each child receive a meaningful, quality education.  Parents/Guardians are encouraged to become actively involved in their child’s education.  Here are some things that all parents/guardians can do:


    1. Join the PTO and become an active member.  Volunteer.
    2. Stay in touch with the school’s Parent Representative.
    3. Make certain your child understands the importance that you place on education.
    4. Encourage acceptable behavior.  Teach children that school rules are necessary for their safety, success and well-being.
    5. Actively monitor what your child wears to school.  We have a uniform dress code policy that requires decency, modesty and safety.
    6. Do not allow your child to bring items to school that violate any school rules. Read the City Schools Code of Conduct together.
    7. Encourage your child to participate in after school clubs, programs, coaching, and tutoring.
    8. Establish a designated study area where your child may study and complete assignments.  Monitor his/her studies and assignments.
    9. Actively look through notebooks to find out what your child is doing in each class.
    10. Maintain contact with your child’s teachers, administrators, and advisors. 
    11. Attend PTO, Back-to-School, conferences and other scheduled meetings. 
    12. Establish rules and regulations for completing homework, going to bed, and getting up for school.
    13. Remember that you are the role model with the most influence on your child. 





    Parent-Teacher Conferences may be scheduled any day of the week, at the parent’s and teacher’s discretion.  Parents and teachers may schedule conferences, via phone call or email communication.