• Partnerships

    Child First Authority

    Child First allows networking with other school community organizations to provide better learning facilities and materials for our students. Child First also endows Hilton Elementary School with additional funding for our after school program and facilitates training sessions for staff professional development. These sessions are to maintain the standards for professionalism and to help ensure a high quality level of education which contributes to the over all development or our students. 

    Hanlon Park Improvement Association

    The Hanlon Park Improvement Association is a neighborhood organization for our school community. This organization recently celebrated their 50th anniversary (2007). Hanlon Park Improvement Association makes a significant yearly monetary contribution to our school. Hilton Elementary and Hanlon Park Improvement Association have formed a meaningful partnership to draw new residents into our demographic areas. Meetings are held every 4th Monday of each month in the school auditorium. 

    Mondawmin Mall

    Mondawmin Mall, which is in walking distance of Hilton Elementary School partners with neighborhood schools and provides opportunities for schools to win cash prizes. The mall also provides holiday enrichment activities for our students.

    New Fit Kids

    New Fit Kids recognizes the importance of providing elementary and middle school students with opportunities to participate in fitness opportunities beyond the school day. New Fit Kids provides a variety of team sports through their partnerships with multiple schools throughout Baltimore City. Hilton Elementary School joined New Fit Kids during the 2015 fall season Spirit Squad tournament. Although Hilton was the last team to join, our scholars won first place during the fall 2015 and spring 2016 Spirit Squad championship competitions! New Fit Kids also provided our students with an opportunity to perform at the M &T Stadium, Camden Yards, and other events throughout the city. Hats off to our phenomenal coaches Iyana McNeill, Jade Davis and our superstar Hiltonites!