• Staff members volunteer to work on school-wide committees in addition to their daily responsibilities. Team Hilton  understands how important it is to invest their time and talent in order to produce quality programs. Team Hilton recognizes that commitment is key to the success of our school. We are proud to say that we have 100% participation from our staff. We work as a school FAMILY to ensure success for all of our students at Hilton E.S #21.

    The Instructional Leadership Team

    Chairperson: Danielle Henson, Principal
    The Instructional Leadership Team examines student data, student work samples, and school trends for the purpose of developing structures and supports that will lead to student success. Workable solutions are sought that will ensure maximum productivity and top-quality work for every student.

    "Areas of Focus for ILT"
    • Student Data Analysis and Interpretation
    • Maryland College and Career Standards
    •  Pacing guides and instruction
    • Data Monitoring
    • Formative and Summative Assessments
    • Lesson Plans
    • Use of technology to enhance the instructional program
    • Interventions

    The Student Support Team

    Chairperson: Cassandra Moore-Thomas, Assistant Principal
    The Student Support Team supports scholars who need intervention practices and modified teaching techniques that will bring about maximum success. The Student Support Team meets with parents, teachers, and other professionals to develop an individual learning plan that targets students with attendance, behavioral, and/or academic concerns. Specifically, the support components consists of frequent consultation between case manager and teacher, focus on how the team (school and family) can help/assist the teacher(s) and student, data-based decision making, and modifications are made to instructional models/delivery. 


    Steps of SST
    1. Complete SST Referral Form (4 pages)
    2. Submit form to Mrs. 
    3. Member of SST consults with referring teacher to review referral and pinpoint problem
    4. Meeting date and time is scheduled
    5. Parent is notified and invited to meeting
    6. Team discusses problem and brainstorms intervention strategies
    7. Case manager from SST is assigned to work with teacher
    8. Case manager and teacher consult to collect baseline date for problem
    9. After reviewing baseline data, teacher and case manager agree on an intervention strategy (or strategies) to be implemented
    10. Intervention is implemented and teacher collect data weekly to monitor progress and make changes as necessary
    11. Teacher and case manager meet 3 weeks after the initial SST meeting to review progress in detail
    12. Changes are made to intervention, if necessary, and implementation continues
    13. SST (including parent) meets to review progress
    14. SST determines whether to continue case, dismiss, or refer to the Child Study Team



    Chairperson:Barbara Morris

    Hilton’s Hospitality Committee is a team of individuals who work together to foster socialization and demonstrate a sense of caring for faculty and staff. Cards, gifts, and special attention are provided for weddings, baby showers, retirements, birthdays, illnesses, loss of loved ones and surprise holiday gifts. We often have luncheons, dine out, and are planning monthly outings as a nice change of pace for everyone.

    Grant Writing

    Chairperson: Mrs. Saundra Adams
    The Grand Writing Committee remains in contact with City Schools' grants office. Through this connection, Hilton E.S is well informed of any opportunities available for elementary schools. The team researches partnerships and other opportunities that would bring additional funds, products or services into the school to enhance the instructional program.


    Chairperson: Mr. Williams
    The facilities team of Hilton E.S perform weekly inspections of the building to ensure a safe and orderly school environment for our students. They are responsible for tracking all repairs reported to facilities and monitoring the completion for each request.

    Dress for Success 

    Chairperson: Saundra Adams, Community School Resource Coordinator
     Hilton's Dress for Success Committee solicits donations for uniforms to keep our uniform closet stocked. The uniform donations are provided to our students and families that require additional support. 

    The School Performance Plan

    The Instructional Leadership Team, community partners, and parents collaborates to write the annual plan for the school, Meetings are held the 2nd Friday of each month. The school performance plan identifies professional development for staff and funding sources, addresses parental involvement, sets measurable goals for student groups to achieve proficiency, identifies interventions for students not reaching proficiency, and provides provisions for teacher mentoring. This team is mandated by the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR).