• Frequently Asked Questions

    Do we really have to wear lab coats and/or scrubs and IDs?

    Just as other schools have official uniforms such as a certain color shirt and pants, we have a uniform as well. We are a school that specializes in the health sciences, so the appropriate uniform for us would be a labcoat and/or scrubs. We are professionals and we will dress like professionals. In addition, just as IDs are used as a safety precaution, so are the lab coats and scrubs. It lets us know who is supposed to be in our building. The same reasoning goes for wearing IDs.

    I don't have the books for the summer reading assignments and have not done the assignments. Can you really fail me?

    All summer reading books are on sale at the school. In addition, the school website provides links to other locations where the books can be purchased. If you would like to use the books for free, please also utilize your local library branch. 

    The summer reading assignments are required assessments. If the assignment is not completed, you will receive an "I" (incomplete) for that assignment. With the A, B, C...Not Yet Grading Policy, one incomplete can cause you to fail the quarter if it is a major assessment. Although you may not have turned in the assignment on its due date, you still have to complete the assignment. You will receive points off for it being late.

    How does the program at VTTMAA differ from the traditional education/curriculum offered at a typical Baltimore City public school?

    The curriculum at Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy is compliant with all state regulated educational requirements as stipulated by the Maryland State Department of Education. Like other interest-based or choice high schools in the public school system, the traditional curriculum is complemented with specialized coursework directly related to the school’s interest or focus. At Vivien T. Thomas, students receive medical arts-oriented instruction with hands-on applied and theory-based classroom training that is supported by one-on-one interaction with healthcare professionals and medical practitioners.

    Are there any costs associated with VTTMAA's program?

    There are a number of costs that are required to successfully complete the program. All students in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade are expected to become annual members of the SkillsUSA chapter. In some of the pathways, students must receive immunizations and background checks in order to participate in clinicals.  

    How are students selected to attend VTTMAA?

    Eighth-grade students interested in attending the Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy must complete an application as part of the high school application process and choose VTTMAA as their #1 choice. The Office of Enrollment, Choice, and Transfers then assigns the student to the school. The assignments are done through a lottery process. A lottery is a random selection, using no separate criteria or requirements. If a school that admits students by lottery has more applicants than available spaces, it will conduct a lottery. After all places are filled by this lottery method, the next 50 students selected will be placed on a wait list.

    Are there any specific tests required from enrollment or graduation?

    There are no tests required to enroll. In order to graduate from the Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy, each student must pass the High School Assessments as prescribed by the Maryland State Department of Education graduation requirements. Those students who matriculate through the full career and technology education pathway may have the option to take a certification exam.

    How many students are currently enrolled in the program?

    The school currently enrolls a maximum of 500 students. Ninth-grade students are introduced to the six pathways through information provided by the Career and Technology Education (CTE) teachers. At the end of the 9th grade,students will decide which specific pathway they will focus their medical arts coursework for the duration of the program. At the 10th-grade level, students are tasked with taking their preliminary career and technology education courses.

    Are there special requirements to be considered for internships? If so, what might they be?

    In order for students to participate in the internship program, the student must:

    1. Be in good academic standing.
    2. Have good attendance.
    3. Complete a Professional Development Program that teachers employability skills.
    4. Complete an application.
    5. Successfully complete a vigorous interview process.

    The application requires students to submit their transcripts, write an extended essay and submit teacher recommendations.