• School's Name and Number:

    Hilton Elementary School #21

    Principal/ Lead's Name:

    Danielle Henson
    Assistant Principal: 
    Cassandra Moore-Thomas 

    Main Office Phone: (410) 396-0634/35

    Fax: (410) 396-0892 or (410) 728-0579

    School Colors:

    Navy Blue and Yellow

    Blue represents- the clear sky, the sea and the flowers, to remind us to always be truthful in words, clear understanding in thoughts, and honest in deeds.

    Yellow represents- the color that lights up the world. It is the color of the sun which supplies energy for the earth and all mankind. Yellow represents warmth, happiness, kindness, and love.

    School Emblem:

    Lit Torch

    The Lit Torch represents- The light that must always shine so that all people may see the path that our boys and girls follow. All will know that Hiltonites are Leading Lights.

    School Mascot: Hornet

    School Motto: "Where Hiltonites are Leading Lights!"

     The motto means- Just as a torch lights the way, we as Hiltonites will act as shining lights in our community and neighborhood.