School Information

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    Mission: To be one of the nation's Top 500 Schools!
    Vision: Within our diverse community, every student will graduate ready to achieve in higher education and to compete in the global workforce.
    Core Beliefs: At Patterson High School, we...
    • Model professional habits.
    • Respect and value everyone equally.
    • Uphold high expectations for everyone.
    • Work hard and neither give nor accept excuses.
    • Exhibit pride in ourselves, our school, and in our community.

      Patterson High School is a comprehensive community high school with approximately 1,100 students, grades nine through twelve. Patterson operates  with dedicated teachers, students, and a lead principal. The principal of Patterson High School is Vance M. Benton [read about him here].

      With its career-themed pathways, Patterson is designated as the Career Center school for Baltimore’s East Side. Students take pathway courses during their tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade years, in addition to  Maryland State Graduation Requirements, University of Maryland Systems requirements, and a wide variety of elective courses. Pathways at Patterson for the 2017-18 school year include:
      • Academy of Engineering & Technology (Project Lead the Way Engineering & Computer Science)
      • Academy of Health Professions (Certified Nursing & Pharmacy Tech)
      • Advertising & Graphic Design
      • Air Force JROTC
      • Business Administration
      • Child Care
      • Cosmetic Services
      • Design Technology (CADD)
      • Emergency Medical Technician
      • Finance & Accounting
      • Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness

      Patterson has a very diverse student population which includes students from a variety of ethnic groups and backgroundsOur English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program has over 30 countries represented and over 20 languages spoken. The ESOL Program has both Emergent and Newcomers Program and support for ESOL students throughout their integrated classes.

      The graduates of Patterson High School will be empowered to make the choice of attending college or entering the work force with the prerequisite skills necessary for success.