• School #345

    School #345 opened in the fall of 2017, it promotes student competence and confidence through a series of academic and behavioral interventions designed to address the needs of students who require additional educational services as determined through the IEP process.

    School #345 is a middle/high school that works to address the academic and behavioral needs of special education students. Our students are engaged in individualized, differentiated instruction based on their grade level and their instructional level. Every classroom is facilitated by a teacher and a teaching assistant with a student capacity not to exceed 10 students per classroom.

    Aside from academic interventions, a variety of behavioral interventions are incorporated in order to promote student success. The use of point sheets, rewards, consequences, incentives, and the promotion of positive substitute behaviors are incorporated by all staff members in order to promote positive student behaviors. School social workers, psychiatrists, and psychologists are employed to provide therapeutic supports, as indicated on the IEP and when they are needed to address issues during school hours.

    Using this comprehensive approach, School #345 hopes to improve the outcomes for students with disabilities by increasing their test sores, promoting positive behaviors, and demonstrating success through improved student confidence and competence.