• Overview

    The engagement of parents in the operation of The Midtown Academy is critical to the existence of the school.  Parents who take an active part in their children’s development also develop and strengthen their own skills.  Teachers and other staff need help from volunteers. Staff and parents get better acquainted and learn from each other through volunteerism.

    The purposes of the volunteer program are:

    • To make the school fiscally viable while providing an academically enriched program with limited funds

    • To empower parents by giving them a direct stake in the school’s success

    • To develop a strong working community that meshes both Reservoir Hill and Bolton Hill for the stability and renewal of both communities

    • To provide an example to the students that they can have a direct, positive effect on institutions that affect their lives.

    City Schools Family and Community Overview

    Baltimore City Public Schools believes that family and community engagement is essential tostudent success. Research documents the positive effect of parent involvement on the lives ofstudents. Students who feel supported and encouraged by their families are more likely to besuccessful in school, graduate, and go on to college.

    The support and care that each of you provides to our children and communities is critical totheir success, both in school, and later in life. Please click on a link to the left to view otherfamily and community related activities, events and programs our school has to offer. Below arelinks to useful information for students, families and our school community. Please check back asthis section of our web site grows.