• Program Information

    Lois T. Murray PS #313 Mission Statement

    We serve families with students who have significant cognitive  disabilities to ensure that they develop functional life skills to the best of their ability and learn appropriate academic skills. We are committed to enabling students the opportunity to communicate their needs and wants and have control over their lives. We intend to provide this service in a Positive Behavior Support environment that recognizes the intent of the child's behavior as a means of communication.

    School Values
    •  Helping students learn and grow to the best of their ability using BEST PRACTICE strategies and techniques for teaching that are data driven
    • Enabling students’ opportunities to have control over their lives by providing opportunities for choice and MULTIMODAL COMMUNICATION options
    • Recognizing behaviors are a form of communication and using a POSITIVE BEHAVIOR SUPPORT philosophy to assist with behavior changes
    • Maintaining open communication between the school and families in order to ASSIST FAMILIES with better understanding regarding their child’s needs
    • Using TEAMWORK and COLLABORATION to best serve our students and their families
    Program Description

    The Kennedy Krieger Institute, through a partnership with Baltimore City Public Schools, provides special education and related services to eligible students in grades preK-8 who attend Lois T. Murray (LTM), PS #313 in a public separate special day school. Life skills instruction is based on goals and objectives as provided on students' Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and is aligned with the State Curriculum areas of instruction as well. All students participate in an alternate assessment at appropriate grade levels. Enrollment in LTM includes students from all areas of Baltimore and is based on a referral from Baltimore City Public Schools. LTM meets all city requirements including the administration of assessments that are included and reported in the BCPS summary. Lois T Murray is a public school program. As such, Baltimore City Public Schools

    • Retains operation of the school building and provides custodial services as well as building maintenance.
    • Provides services in the cafeteria including the services of the Nutrition Manager as well as all food.
    • Provides transportation services for students through the yellow bus which is part of all student IEPs.

    Highlights of the Program:

    • Community-based Instruction
    • Individualized and group instruction
    • Use of technology to advance student learning
    • Participation in statewide assessments

    Disabilities Served:

    • Significant Cognitive Disability
    • Multiple Disabilities
    • Other Health Impairments