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    School Information

    Zulema Sockwell Moore

    William S. Baer School
    2001 N. Warwick Avenue
    Baltimore, MD 21216

    Phone #: 410-396-0833

    School Number

    School Colors
    Navy Blue and Yellow

    "We put our hearts into everything we do!"

    The mission of the William S. Baer School, in constant collaboration with families, community, the Partnership Board, Baltimore City Schools, and the State of Maryland is to work as a Team to support students in meeting their individual needs in the areas of socialization, functional living skills, academic standards, and pre-vocational training by utilizing the Maryland Common Core Academic Standards, the Individualized Educational Plan, Parent Input, and Therapeutic Management Plans while continuing to promote independence in all areas for every student.

    The Vision of the William S. Baer School:
    • We will remain student focused in every aspect of our daily activities and long term plans.
    • We will use the Baer Progress Portfolio (BPP), data, transdisciplinary collaboration, and effective communication to maximize the effects of instruction and therapeutic services.
    • We will be knowledgeable about our students, recognize and appreciate their uniqueness, and always treat them with dignity.
    • We will reflect on our professional practices, utilize research, and seek professional development opportunities to make adjustments as necessary in order to better serve our student population.
    • We will utilize family support, community resources, and Fair Student Funding to meet our students' needs.

    We will do all of this with integrity.