• Family and Community Overview

    Baltimore City Public Schools believes that family and community engagement is essential to student success. Research documents the positive effect of parent involvement on the lives of students. Students who feel supported and encouraged by their families are more likely to be successful in school, graduate, and go on to college.

    The support and care that each of you provides to our children and communities is critical to their success, both in school, and later in life. Please click on a link to the left to view other family and community related activities, events and programs our school has to offer. Below are links to useful information for students, families and our school community. Please check back as this section of our web site grows.

    We are a Title I school.  Title I is a federal grant offered to school districts to ensure that all children have a fair and equal opportunity to obtain a high quality education. Under Title I, we receive additional funding to help teacher develop professionally, provide interventions to students who are struggling in reading and math, and for parents to learn ways to help their children at home.
    Each year, we work with parents to develop programs and activities that link our school goals for reading and math to at-home learning. The school-parent compact is a joint pledge that affirms the commitment of students, families, and school staff to meeting high academic standards. We use the Title I parent allocation and fund-raising to support our efforts.  If you have any questions about the Title I parent involvement program, please contact the Family and Community Engagement Chairperson or principal.
    Latria Bond
    Community School Coordinator