• Vision and Mission Statements

    Vision Statement

    We envision a school community which provides each student with the necessary skills to confidently meet a diverse and ever-changing world. We envision a school community which encourages each student to believe that he or she can positively impact and contribute to the world around him or her.

    Mission Statement

    It is the mission of Dr. Bernard Harris, Sr. Elementary School, #250 to:

    1. Set high standards and accountability for learning.
    2. Facilitate and implement an instructional program that maximizes student achievement.
    3. Create a positive school culture that is conducive to learning.
    4. Comprehensively engage parents and community in support of the school’s goals; and
    5. Provide a staff who are reflective facilitators of learning.

    We will be revising our Vision and Mission Statement. Please attend PTO, School Family Council, and Staff meeting.