• Cross Country Elementary Middle School believes that serving the expressed needs of the school community and neighborhood families is what will continue to guarantee its success and popularity. Cross Country Elementary Middle School takes its obligation to the community seriously and employs numerous tools and forums to solicit input from the community.


    Cross Country Elementary Middle School gathers input about the community’s needs through  parent, staff and climate surveys, PTA meetings, monthly and called parent meetings, meeting with community associations and meetings with parent and community volunteers.


    In addition, Cross Country Elementary Middle School is a participant of the Northwest School Community Partnership (NWSCP). NWSCP is a committee of neighboring school principals, community organizations and school PTA representatives. Participants include Cross Country Elementary Middle, Fallstaff Elementary Middle and Northwestern High Schools, Glen Neighborhood Improvement Association, Cheswolde Neighborhood Association, Fallstaff Improvement Association, Cross Country Neighborhood Association and Comprehensive Housing Assistance Inc. (CHAI).


    Through this partnership, Cross Country Elementary Middle School is able to collect information about the educational and extra-curricular needs and expectations of neighborhood families. The NWSCP works to determine the best ways to improve on the conditions and academics of each school and the overall educational opportunities in the neighborhood. It also acts as a forum for principals and PTA members to discuss challenges and successes, publicize upcoming activities and to share the contributions of each school to the community. Likewise, the community organizations share upcoming events and solicit ideas and opportunities to increase membership and meeting attendance through the schools. The NWSCP also teams up with city agencies and politicians to advocate for the needs of the local schools.