• The Library

    The school's library serves both elementary and middle school students and teachers. The current collection contains approximately 22,000 books and multiple magazine subscriptions.  There is an extensive video library of fiction and non-fiction DVDs and videos that are available for check-out to teachers.  The computer lab and main library computers provide internet access and online databases for student researchers.

    The library is open daily from 7:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Students visit the library with their classes or individually to research projects and check out books for assignments and pleasure reading.  Students may come to the library in the morning before classes to use the computers if they have a morning pass.  Passes can be obtained from the librarian or from a teacher.  Elementary age students may visit the library before classes for book check-out if they are accompanied by a parent. Students and parents are welcome in the library after school to check-out books, use the computers for research or to do homework.

    Library Programs:

    • Gung-Ho for Genres:  The library highlights a different genre each month encouraging students to experience a wide variety of literature.  Below are the genres that will be celebrated by the library in the 2011-2012 school year:
                                              September - Students recommend books
                                           October - Mystery & Horror
                                           November - Historical, Science Fiction, and Steampunk
                                           December - Fantasy
                                           January - Romance and Adventure
                                           February -  Biography
                                           March - Multi-cultural fiction
                                           April - Poetry
                                           May - Humor
                                           June - Students recommend a good summer read

    • Book Critics Circle:  The Book Critics Circle is open to students in grades 4-8 who love to read.  The Elementary Book Critics Circle meets on the 4th Wednesday of every month; the Middle School Book Critics Circle meets on the third Wednesday of every month.  Book Critics help the library build its collection by reading reviewing, and recommending newly published of books.  Students can keep the advanced reader copies of the books they review.
    • Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Book Award:  Each year, Maryland students select books to win the Black-Eyed Susan Book Award.  At RPEMS, we participate in a number of ways.  Students in grade 2 help select the best picture book in Maryland by listening to the nominees in during their library classes and voting at an ice-cream sundae party in the Spring.  Students in grades 4 and 5 help select the best Intermediate book and middle school students help select the best middle school book by reading at least 4 Black-Eyed Susan book nominees on their own and voting at a pizza party. 
    • Author Visits:  Noted authors and new soon to be noted authors love to come to our school to talk to students about their new books. 
    Support for the Library:
    Our library is an interesting and lively place because of the generous participation and support of the Roland Park school community.  You can help support the library in a number of ways:

    • Volunteer in the Library:  Unlike many school libraries, our library is open to students throughout the school day - even when Ms. Kennedy is busy teaching classes.  The library depends on parent volunteers to staff the circulation desk during the day.  Parent volunteers also do a number of other important tasks in the library including processing new books, decorating the library for events and seasons, and shelving books and materials.
    • Buy a Birthday Book:  You can honor your children and contribute to the library by buying a "Birthday Book."  When you donate $15.00 (for a book) or $30.00 for a DVD, we purchase a book that we think your child would like and acknowledge your contribution on a bookplate in the front of the book or DVD.
    • Come to the Barnes & Noble BookFair: On December 9, the RPEMS community enlivens the Barnes and Noble bookstore in Towson with storytelling, singing, music, and lots of bookworms.  During that weekend, RPEMS receives a nice percentage of every purchase you make at any Barnes and Noble (except the Charles Village store) and on their website.  We are able to buy the most popular and current books for our students all year because of this event.
    • Participate in the Scholastic Book Fair:  This year, Scholastic Book Fair will be held on ___________________.  You can participate in the fun event by attending the Book Fair Family Event on opening night; volunteering at the Book Fair; and buying books throughout the week.  The RPEMS library receives a percentage of each purchase you make.  This year, we will use our Book Fair proceeds to update our non-fiction collection and purchase a new circulation system.
    • Donate gently used books:  Many of our library books come from the homes of parents and students.  If you drop off your gently used books, we will find them good homes.  If we cannot use the book ourselves, we donate them to Moravia Park Elementary Middle School, Viva House and the Baltimore Book Bank.
    The library would like to acknowledge and thank other community members for their support:
    • The Roland Park Alumni Association contributes to the library each year.
    • The Childrens Book Store provides the Book Critics Circle with advanced reader copies of books and often sends authors our way.
    For more information about our library, or to volunteer:
    • Call Ms. Kennedy at 410-396-6591
    • Email Ms. Kennedy at rolandparklibrary@gmail.com