• Curriculum

    Our curriculum is designed to carry out the philosophy in our mission statement. We believe that children’s brains are engaged in an ongoing search for meaning. Meaning is best represented by presenting skills and concepts as they relate to the real world and to one another, rather than in isolation. This is accomplished by giving children many opportunities to directly experience this real world. For example, fractions might best be explored through cutting apples into 1/8ths in preparation for reading a recipe and baking an apple pie.

    Concepts are developed and skills are practiced as they interact with this real world. As such, teachers design a theme, a “big picture,” that joins together these skills and concepts. Parents learn more about each teacher’s classroom themes at “Back to School Night” in September.

    Core Curriculum

    Our core curriculum in each subject and at each grade level is established by the state and is known as the “Maryland State Curriculum.” The Open Court Reading Program is the core reading and language arts curriculum for grades Pre-K through 5. The Scott Foresman Program is the core math curriculum for grades K – 5. Children are to read at least 25 books per year.