• Curtis Bay’s Vision Statement

    The Curtis Bay Elementary/Middle School community takes the stance of learners. As community, we will provide a safe and healthy environment, define high-quality instruction, promote nourishing relationships and expose students to diverse opportunities.  Members will transform this vision into fruition for every student into a career or entrance into college. 

    Curtis Bay’s Mission Statement

    In order tocultivate the vision into fruition, community members will:

    ·       Have the courage to lead and learn the relationship between the actions that adults in the school take that impact student learning

    ·       Establish safe practices and promote healthy decision-making

    ·       Provide rigorous instruction in literacy, mathematics, and STEM (science, technology, engineering andmathematics) that is aligned with national standards

    ·       Encourage and reinforce responsibility, trust and fairness with peers

    ·       Create meaningful academic and non-academic experiences

    ·       Do this every day, in every class for every student