In 1976 our school was named George William Fenton McMechen in honor of an outstanding Baltimorean, George W. F. McMechen.  Mayor Kurt Schmoke proclaimed June 10th as George W. F. McMechen Day to maintain the memory and contributions of one of Baltimore’s most dedicated African American Civil Rights Activist.

    George W. F. McMechen traveled to Baltimore in 1891 and attended Morgan College.  He was in the first graduating class of Morgan College receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in June, 1895.  Upon graduating from Morgan, he entered the Yale University School of Law and graduated in high standing.

    In 1904, he entered the practice of law in Baltimore.  He devoted much of his law practice to people in need.  Frequently, he gave legal service without fee to those who sought help.  He was recognized as a leader in Baltimore community life.

    He became a trustee of Morgan College and received the honorary degree of Doctor of Law in 1957.

    In 1944, he became the first African American to serve on the Board of School Commissioners in Baltimore.  In the same year Mayor Theodore McKeldin appointed Mr. McMechen to a position on the Advisory Committee to the Baltimore Charter Revision Commission.

    Mr. McMechen was married and he was the proud father of four daughters.  His daughters all taught in the public schools of Baltimore.

    Our students will maintain the memory of George W. F. McMechen by becoming as self sufficient as possible; by obtaining and maintaining jobs; and by conducting themselves in a respectful manner at all times in and out of school.