• Parent voice is essential to improving school culture, climate and student achievement at AHES. Our commitment to honoring the voice of our parents is demonstrated through the following:

    Annual Eagle Awards

    Each year, our school community recognizes stellar parents who have made germane contributions to our school community. The AHES Phenomenal Parent Award have been presented to:

                                                                         Mr. Orlando Govia
                                                                         Ms. Cherrie Powell
                                                                         Ms. Tykia Greene
                                                                         Mr. Tyrone Hamber

    The community also selected a Parent of the Year. 2013-2014 our Parent of the Year was Mr. Jessie White. Mr. White was chosen because of his dedication to patrolling our hallways and providing mentoring and direction to children who need extra time and support in order to do well. Mr. White supported children across all grade levels and was instrumental to helping us maintain a safe and orderly environment. We did not select a Parent of the Year last year. WE WILL THIS YEAR!!!

    Parent Action Teams (PAT)
    This year we will be working with Christy Lewis, our district Family and Community Engagement Specialist, to help us launch Parenet Action Teams. Parent leaders will be invited to become a part our school performance planning and will help us to create teams that will help us achieve our SPP goals. 
    Parent Power Hour
    Parent Power Hour is a forum that gives AHES parents the opportunity to discuss issues in our community and come up with creative solutions. It also provides parents the opportunity to contribute their time and talent to implementing solutions. Parent Power Hour is a primary information gateway that provides the opportunity for parents to give voice to important aspects of the AHES community such as budget allocations, maintaining a safe and orderly environment, and the School Performance Plan (SPP). Parent Power Hour will be hosted monthly in our school media center. Check out our school calendar on this site for specific dates and times!
    Evening Roundtable
    This year an evening roundtable is a new forum that will be introduced by Dr. O'Neil. Dr. O'Neil will host an evening conference with parent leaders to discuss the progress of the AHES SPP. The roundtables will be held at the end of each quarter.
    Parents on Patrol
    We will be identifying a new parent that will develop our Parents on Patrol team. Parents on Patrol will support our goal of continuously improving our school climate. Parents will serve as greeters and hall monitors.

    Learning Walks with the Principal
    Dr. O'Neil invites parents to participate in instructional learning walks to discuss curriculum, instruction and assessment in each classroom. After each walk, she debriefs with parents, listening to their feedback and clarifying educational concepts. This year's learning walks will focus on understanding the Common Core State Standards shifts and our new Success for All reform program in grades K-5.
    The AHES Annual Listening Campaign
    The purpose of our Listening Campaign is to provide a community forum where everyone has the opportunity to share their voice around what is working in our school and things we need to change in order to increase student engagement, progress and performance.  The information gathered is used to inform school budget decisions and the School Performance Plan.