• Blue Ribbon 2014...Together We Can!        Alexander Hamilton Elementary School #145 
                                     Creating a Culture of College Readiness
                                             USDE Blue Ribbon School 2014...Together We Can!

    In partnership with our families and community, Alexander Hamilton Elementary School #145 is creating a culture of college readiness where everyone is a learner, everyone is a teacher, and everyone is a leader!

    The mission of Alexander Hamilton Elementary School #145 is to become a high performing community school that engages all students in exemplary teaching and learning experiences that are rigorous, differentiated, meaningful and memorable and take place in a safe and orderly environment. Our school educates children in grades Pre-K through 5 and is nestled within the quaint Rosemont Community comprised of powerful faith-based organizations, the Leon Day Park, a senior citizen center, small businesses and several other City Schools.
    It is our goal to engage each child entrusted to our care in challenging Common Core State Standards (CCSS) curricula that will equip them to think critically and creatively, read and write complex texts, and collaborate with others to analyze problems and generate innovative solutions. The AHES well known saying is, “Work Hard, Get Smart.” We want our children to know that putting forth their best effort and never giving up on learning will make them smarter. Effort-based intelligence, or a growth mindset, is a core value of our teaching and learning community. In fact, it is one of the most important concepts germane to our vision to make sure that each AHES learner is college ready!

    Our Blue Ribbon Standards

    School Culture

    When you enter our school foyer, you will notice books, magazines, announcement posters, 
    and invitations for families and children to select materials for their home libraries.  Literacy is at the heart of everything we do. Foyers, hallways, and classrooms are an extension of  the AHES literate environment.  We believe literacy is the most important skill to own in the 21st century. Family and community engagement is another AHES essential, and much of this work is related to our community-wide literacy goals.
    Quality service is the least you can expect.” This is one of the first signs you will see when you enter the AHES business suite, Main Office Room 100. Our community is committed to professional interactions and providing 5 Star service to each person who walks through our doors. We also hold each person who enters our doors to the high standard of demonstrating courtesy and respect at all times.

    Leadership and Teamwork:  High Expectations and Accountability  for All                                                                       

    Work Hard, Get Smart is woven into the intellectual fabric of AHES; however, working beyond our contractual role and collaboration are also important to us. Our goal is to become a United States Department of Education Blue Ribbon School by achieving high learning for each child. Therefore, each faculty and staff member at AHES has committed to going above and beyond the call  of duty to help our students succeed. Select teachers are empowered to serve as grade-level and content team leaders, and teachers and parents donate considerable time and money to our enrichment and intervention initiatives. Parent volunteers have also been invaluable to helping us improve our school climate.

    Educating the Whole Child

    In order to fulfill our commitment to serve the unique needs of each one of our children, Dr. O’Neil has designed and is working with teachers and instructional coaches to implement our Knowing Each Learner Assessment System (KELAS)©. No matter which classroom you choose to visit, each teacher and student will be able to discuss progress and performance through the lens of common assessments.  KELAS measures the development of student knowledge, understanding, attitudes, skills, aspirations and behaviors relative to rigorous state and national standards. Each classroom teacher organizes content-based student work 

    samples collected through KELAS in an individualized Demonstrated Achievement Portfolios (DAP). At AHES, when you participate in a conference  about your child’s learning,  your child’s voice will lead the conversation around the work contained in their DAP.

    We believe children learn from people who care about them.  What this means at AHES is that we care about our students’ lives inside and outside of the school setting and will make sure that they have the mental, social, emotional and academic support they need.  AHES boys and girls will be well-rounded, community-minded intellectuals who are able to overcome challenges, manage their learning and make invaluable contributions to our world.


     School Mascot:  Eagle  AHES eagle
    School Colors: Red and White
    Student Dress Code
    Primary:  Khaki Bottoms, Maroon Tops
    Intermediate: Khaki Bottoms, Forest Green Tops
    Welcome to the home of the CONQUERORS! We are TEAM HIGHLY EFFECTIVE!


     Iman and Friends