• School Academic Programs

    Course Offerings
    We offer the following academic courses: English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science.
    We offer the following Art courses:
    Dance, Visual Arts, Instrumental Music, and Vocal Music. Students also will take Academic Exploratory courses in Spanish, Library Resource, and Physical Education/Health.

    Visual Arts Program

    Students with a passion for visual art will engage in a hybrid study of art. They will study the traditional drawing and painting curriculum using a variety of media and subject matter. As their skills develop, they will work independently on art work of their own design. They will develop a portfolio for high school admission. Additionally students will have the opportunity to study digital photography and in the future expand their studies towards graphic design.

    Music Programs

    Students who are interested in music may explore a variety of classes depending on their interests. All students begin with general music studies and transition into either Choir, Band, or Strings. Students will also expand their studies through work done in the music technology lab, piano lab and/or recording studio. 

    Dance Program

    The dance program focuses on individual growth by using dance as a vehicle for the student's creative expression. The student will be exposed to aesthetic criteria, choreographic principles, multicultural perspectives and dance history, as well as a healthy attitude toward the body. Performance allows new avenues for artistic expression which encompasses creating, practicing, and working with others.