• Code of Conduct
    “Radiant” Rognel Heights Elementary/Middle School is committed to providing an environment where teaching and learning take place every day in a safe and orderly learning environment. In order to accomplish this goal, “Radiant” Rognel Heights Elementary/Middle School follows the BCPS Code of Conduct regarding all school rules. This Code of Conduct is distributed to all students at the beginning of each school year, and both students and parents should be familiar with the code.
    A major responsibility of “Radiant” Rognel Heights Elementary/Middle School is to promote the growth of young men and women in self-discipline; appreciation of the rights of all people-students and staff; and understanding that responsibilities to others, as well as to oneself, go with these rights.

    The BCPS Code of Conduct is a guide to behavior that protects the rights and safety of all and promotes a school environment in which students can learn comfortably. The principles behind the Baltimore City Public School System Code of Conduct are the following:

    1.     I respect others and myself. I am kind and courteous. I demonstrate positive verbal and non-verbal communication and positive behaviors.

    2.     I am responsible for my behavior and its consequences.

    3.     I come to school on time, focused, and prepared to work.

    4.     I demonstrate behaviors that promote a clean, safe, and civil learning environment.

    5.     I respect school property and the property of others.

    6.     I present myself in appropriate and orderly fashion at all times and in all settings. I demonstrate personal honor and integrity at all times.
    “Radiant” Rognel Heights School Rules

    1.     Respect yourself, peers, adults, materials and property.

    2.     Be safe

    3.     Follow directions.

    4.     Come prepared to learn.

    5.     Honor instruction and the learning environment