• School Information | Rognel Heights

    School Name and Number: Rognel Heights Elementary/Middle #089

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    Principal's Name: Nakeisha Savage 

    Main Telephone Number:  410.396.0528

    Fax:  410.396.8456

    Note: Parking is available on Sidehill Road & Walnut Avenue. Street cleaning restrictions apply on Thursdays and Fridays; the restrictions are enforced by ticketing.  Overflow parking is available on the Sidehill Road blacktop playground and on Seminole Avenue (at the rear of the building).

    School Colors: Navy blue, Gold, and White

    School Mascot: Our mascot is the Ram, an animal that is known for its ability to climb to great heights. The Rognel Heights Ram is always guided by a golden star that points the way to academic excellence.

    School Motto: “Rising Stars Reaching Academic Excellence”

    School Vision and Mission:

    Mission: Our mission is to ensure that students develop the skills and knowledge needed for success in a 21st century global society.

    Vision: Every “Radiant” Rognel Heights student will become college and career ready.