• Updated July 2015
    Here are some community resources offering services to William Paca students and families.

    Community Action Centers

    • Eastern Community Action Center
      1400 E. Federal Street, 21213
    • Southeast Community Action Center
      3411 Bank Street, 21224

    Emergency Assistance Resources

    • Shelter Hotline
    • Baltimore Substance Abuse Systems
      Drug Treatment
    • Baltimore Crisis Response
      Mental Health
      410- 433-5175
    • Baltimore, Neighborhoods, Inc.
      Tenant-Landlord Hotline
    • Maryland Legal Aid Bureau
      Legal Assistance
    • Civil Justice–
      Main Line
    • Home Owners Preserving Equity
      Foreclosure Prevention Hotline
    • Homeless Emergency Environmental Services Unit (BDCSS)
    • Eviction Prevention Program (BCDSS)

    To learn about the Community Action Group meetings, contact Pete Pakas, Mayor’s Office of Human Services, 410-545-6958.

    The Dyslexia Foundation

    -Do you and your family need nutrition support? Call Amazing Grace, (410)276-5674 to schedule enrollment in their food pantry services at the Center for Grace-Full Living, 2424 McElderry St.

    -The Bread for the Journey Soup Kitchen serves lunch every Thursday at 2424 McElderry St. from 12:30-1:30pm. Volunteers are asked to arrive early. Donations needed!

    - Banner Neighborhoods is recruiting for the Senior Home Maintenance. Senior homeowners, 62 years or older or adults who are fully disabled. Call (410)585-8810 for more information and to enroll.

    -Baltimore Green Space-Baltimore Green Space is a land trust that partners with communities to preserve and support community gardens, forest patches, pocket parks, and other community-managed open spaces. Baltimore’s residents create social, environmental, and economic benefits in their neighborhoods; we aim to support them through land preservation and advocacy for policies that support community greening.

    1212 N. Wolfe Street
    Baltimore, MD 21213
    - Episcopal Community Services of Maryland (ECSM)

    ECSM operates four programs to help people navigate the obstacles of homelessness, poverty, and reentry into society:  

    The Ark, a preschool for homeless children; The Club at Collington Square, an after-school and summer camp for at-risk students; The Community Kitchen, a culinary training program and community wellness site, and Jericho, a re-entry program focused on workforce development and job placement.
    1014 West 36th St. Baltimore, MD 21211
    phone (410) 467-1264 
    -McElderry Park Community Association (MPCA) is a hub for neighborhood organizing, a platform for citizen engagement with city government, and an active service organization working on neighborhood improvement and beautification.  The resident-elected board and MPCA membership operate the McElderry Park Community Resource Center, which provides computers and space for various events. Recent projects organized under MPCA include mural projects, Thanksgiving turkey giveaways, back to school festivals, neighborhood greening and beautification in partnership with Amazing Grace Church, and regular Parent on Patrol Walks. 
    Phone: (443) 478-3015 | Fax: (443) 478-1990
    Health Resource Center and Case Management: 
    M - F 9 AM - 5 PM, Tues 6-9 PM, Sat 12 - 5 PM 
    Medical Screenings: 
    Tues 6-9 PM, Sat 12 - 5 PM 
    Eye Exams for Individuals Ages 50 and older: 
    Every Wednesday 1:30 - 4 PM 
    ID and Birth Certificate Assistance: 
    2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month, 1 - 5 PM