As William Paca parent/ Guardian,
    I will:
    • See that my child isdressed appropriately in uniform DAILY.
    • Send my child to school on time DAILY.
    • See that my child is prepared for school.
    • Make sure homework is completed and signed DAILY.
    • Teach my child to respect themselves, others, and be RESPONSIBLE for their learning.
    • Support the school's efforts to allow my child to be the BEST he/she can be.
    • Encourage my child's efforts to be the BEST he/she can be.
    • Attend monthly Parent meeting.
    • Update any address or telephone changes.
    • Participate in school activities and volunteer to assist when needed.
    • Pledge to participate or volunteer at least once a quarter (4 times a year).
    Group of Students 
    As a William Paca Student, I Will:
    • Come to school each day on time, prepared with all my materials, ready to learn.
    • Complete all assignments at school and complete my homework each night.
    • Follow all school, classroom, and community rules.
    • Deliver all school communications to my family.
    • Ask for help when I need it and lend a helping hand when I can.
    • Treat my school with respect.
    • Do my best every day!
    • Respect myself, my fellow students, all adults and staff, my school building, and my community.

    school community
    As a William Paca Staff Member,
    I Will:
    • Provide an environment conducive to learning.
    • Provide the HIGHEST QUALITY instruction

    • Provide intervention for students facing academic challenges.
    • Be accessible to parents for students facing academic challenges
    • Collaborate with school personnel and agencies to support students and families
    • Provide workshops and assistance in different areas of interest and need.
    • Respect my school, students, staff, families, and community.