• William Paca Elementary School is located in the McElderry Park neighborhood of Baltimore, MD, near the epicenter of three Baltimore neighborhoods:
    • McElderry Park
    • Patterson Place
    • Patterson Park  
    We are a proud Title 1 school that serves students in grades Pre-K to 5. Our school receives federal funding.  This funding has enabled the school to not only enhance the educational programming for our students, but it has also allowed our staff to develop and foster programs that promote student achievement beyond the classroom. Title I funds allow us to purchase materials in the areas of Reading, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies on a variety of levels and styles to promote and support the academic growth of all of our learners. We are also able to develop and staff our school with certified teachers, provide after-school and cultural enrichment programs, and ensure all classrooms are equipped with technology to enhance your child’s educational experience.  During this 2017 - 2018 school year, we will continue to build upon and refine our foundation of good work and many worthwhile traditions, with none being more important than continuing to build upon our tradition of excellence in education.  
    We highly value home/school communication here at William Paca.  It is vital and plays an integral role in each student’s success.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if/when the need arises.  We will do likewise.  We want and encourage our parents to stay in the know about their child’s studies, assignments, assessments, and school activities, as well as other events!