• Be A. R. S. Program Guidelines


    Program Name and Purpose:

    • Name: BeARS
    • The purpose is to implement a school-wide incentive and discipline program in order to improve the overall school climate by teaching and rewarding appropriate behavior, providing consistent consequences for inappropriate behaviors, and creating a peaceful and uniform environment to increase academic achievement.


    Program Name and Purpose:

    • Be Accountable! Be Respectful! Be Successful…Be BeARS!”



    • The BeARS Program provides consistent language and guidelines around behavior expectations and management throughout the school.
    • It only works if the vast majority of teachers/staff and students are invested.
    • Therefore, each teaching team will develop and implement a BeARS Teaching Team Implementation Plan that specifies the following:

    o   Coordinated interventions the team will use to reinforce positive behaviors and decrease unwanted behaviors.

    o   How and when BeARS Bucks will be provided (or calculated) for students each week?

    o   What teacher level/team level rewards will be provided and in what frequency?

    o   What consequence structure will be implemented within the team PRIOR to utilizing ALC/Administrative supports?

    o   What is needed to successfully implement the plan?


    Student Reward System:

    ·         When staff members see students being ACCOUNTABLE, RESPECTFUL, and SUCCESSFUL the staff rewards students by giving out 1 BeARS Buck. 

      • Students can earn 1 or more BeARS Bucks per class per day for being ACCOUNTABLE, RESPECTFUL, and SUCCESSFUL.
      • Students can also earn BeARS Bucks for showing BeARIFIC behavior in each area of the school (i.e., cafeteria, hallway, bathroom, auditorium, etc.).
      • Students can earn BeARS Bucks for going above and beyond (i.e., helping a peer, defusing conflict, being a positive example, etc.).
    • Only BeARS Bucks signed or initialed by a school staff member will be redeemed. 


    Calculating BeARS Bucks:

    • It is the responsibility of the student to collect, keep, and redeem BeARS Bucks as needed.
    • Teachers may need to assist the younger students (Pre-K to 4th) with managing their BeARS Bucks.
    • 5th to 8th Grade Teachers will calculate class BeARS Bucks weekly (based on infractions) and can provide paper BeARS Bucks to each student as determined.


    Redeeming BeARS Bucks:

    • Students will be able to redeem their BeARS Bucks for weekly rewards or as determined by teaching teams via teacher organized activities, incentives, or prizes (lunch bunch, treats, prize basket, computer time, etc.)
    • Students will be able to redeem their BeARS Bucks for rewards at least once per month via a school-wide activity or prize.


    Criteria to Attend School-Wide BeARS Incentive Activities:

    In order to participate in the school-wide activities, the following criteria will apply:

    • Student has earned the amount of BeARS Bucks required to attend (each activity will cost between 40-60 BeARS Bucks)
    • Student has not been referred to the ALC for disciplinary reasons more than 2 times during the month.
    • Student has no more than 2 detentions during the month (if applicable).
    • Student has not had any suspensions within 1 months’ time.