• Vision and Mission Statements


    We, the staff, parents, and community, are committed to ensuring that each child at North Bend Elementary attains academic success.

    North Bend Elementary School classrooms from pre-kindergarten through grade eight are filled with young people who enjoy learning, are confident, and feel accomplished because they possess the skills to participate actively in their own learning. They are engaged in their own schooling because their basic reading comprehension, mathematics, and thinking skills are well developed. The students’ instruction throughout their stay at North Bend Elementary School is logical and energetic.

    North Bend Elementary School students have a loving appreciation for books; they read and write fluently; they listen actively and speak expressively; and they compute with ease and precision. All students participate actively and respond intelligently to a rich, fine arts curriculum. Students who complete the elementary and/or middle school program at North Bend Elementary School meet the criteria for entrance into city-wide middle and/or high school programs.

    The entire staff at North Bend Elementary School participates actively in professional development that focuses on improving instruction. All staff members feel that they are valued and are important contributors to student progress. Morale is high. Classrooms are safe, secure, clean, comfortable, and inviting learning environments where parents, community members, and business partners are visible participants in the education of students.

    The entire student and adult community associated with North Bend Elementary Middle School values open and honest communication, good decision making, collaborative problem solving, and continuous growth.


    The mission of the Baltimore City Public Schools, in concert with students, families, and the broader community, is to prepare all students to be responsible citizens and afford them the opportunity to acquire the skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to make informed decisions that lead to meaningful and productive lives.