As a Community School we focus on six buckets:

    1. Community Development- School Store( Lake Alumni), PTO, Volunteers, Food and Clothing Pantry
    2. Youth Development- Youth Works, Mentoring ( SIS,B2B, ASCEND, LEAP, Crown Meditation etc...)
    3. Health and Social Supports- Life Centers, Social Services, Counseling Services
    4. Family Engagement- PTO, Parent Support Groups
    5. College and Career- Early College Summer Institute, Dual Enrollment (BCCC & University of Baltimore)
    6. Enhanced Academics and Enrichment -Towson Saturday Math Classes


    Our language is partnerships! We love to make connections with individuals and institutions that can help make a better community in and outside of REACH!



    You will be hearing of more opportunities for us to partner together and build a bridge! Please look for emails and announcements of our events and resources.


    If you have any ideas you want to share with us to make REACH a great community school, please feel free to email me or Ms. McKinney with your suggestions!



    Ms. Rhonda McKinney

    Community School Coordinator

    REACH! Partnership High School #341




    Ariel Wimbush

    Assistant Community School Coordinator

    Assistant PSE Coordinator

    REACH! Partnership High School #341




    "The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members".~ Coretta Scott King