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    A gifted and talented student is identified, using multiple measures, as having outstanding talent and performing, or showing the potential for performing, at remarkably high levels of accomplishment¹ in intellectual, creative, artistic, leadership capacity, or in a specific academic field when compared with other students and who needs services and activities not ordinarily provided by the school to fully develop those capabilities.


    BIA GAL STEM Club introduces gifted and advanced learner students to the world of engineering and computer science

    The identification process uses multiple indicators of potential, aptitude, and achievement.”. The Four Formal Identification Components are Mental Ability, Achievement/Aptitude, Motivation and Creativity. Specific tests help to assess these components. The Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT) is a nonverbal test of general ability given to students ages 5 to 17. Teachers and parents can also recommend students who have not yet been formally identified to the BCPS Office of Gifted and Advanced Learning.

    Baltimore City Public Schools provide all gifted students, including twice exceptional populations, with advanced content, curricula, and activities not ordinarily found in the classroom, to fully develop their true potential.

    At Baltimore International Academy teachers are committed to ongoing professional development and best practices for teaching Gifted and Advanced Learners. To better support gifted and advanced learners BIA has applied for the Excellence in Gifted and Talented Education (EGATE) recognition.


    Check Out Our GAL PARCC and i-Ready Data

    Dear Parents and Guardians

    Please review our GAL data; you will see how well the students did in PARCC and iReady Reading and Math assessments. 

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