Please, for the safety of our children and community obey street signs and traffic laws. Do NOT stop on Moyer Avenue at all unless curb parking is available. Please park at the local church by the school if parking is full. Thank you!


    Parents! Please have your students here, at Woodhome, on the blacktop area behind the cafeteria, between 7:30AM and 7:45AM. Breakfast is served at 7:45AM.


    Students 1st grade through 8th will meet behind the cafeteria on the blacktop. It is located by the playground. You can access this area via our parking lot. 


    Only students in the PreK and Kindergarten will be allowed entrance through the PreK/K Entrance

    • Entrance is located on the southeast part of the building (Left-front side when looking at the school)
    • Parents are always welcomed to accompany their PreK/K child in
    • Please send older siblings grades 1-8 around to the blacktop; we have sidewalks for them
    • These doors will close around 8:00AM and no later than 8:05AM

    At 8:00 instruction has begun and students will begin to be marked late or absent. If late, all students of all ages must come in through the main entrance at 8:00AM. They will be directed to the main office for their late passes.


    Please try to avoid a tardy slip and be here by 7:45AM every day! Breakfast will be served at that time and it's a fact that our minds need nutrition to learn! Thank you and hope to see you every day at 7:45AM!