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    April 2014
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    Spanish Club Presentation
    May 2014
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    Math Bee 2014
    Math Bee 2014
    Winners from 1st & 2nd
    1st Place- Cameron Beck
    2nd Place- Malik Harper
    3rd Place- Paul Frazier
    Math Bee 2
    Winners from 3rd-6th Grade
    1st Place- Jonathan Gordon
    2nd Place- Bradley Lintz
    3rd Place- Ethan Hall
    Pre K Transition to Kindergarten
    Pre-k students had the opportunity to visit the Kindergarten classrooms early June 2014. They met the Kindergarten teachers and were able to participlate in their work stations to prepare for next year. They had peer partners give tours of the classrooms and worked together as buddy partners.
    Here are some pictures:
    PreK to K 1 PreK to K 2 PreK to K 3