• Below are some great websites to help our students and school community with their academic schoolwork, college applications, and preparing for college.



    Naviance is the tool that our students use to sign-up for college representatives that visit our school, conduct college and career searches, request transcripts, and take quizzes about your future goals. 



    This is the official website to register for the FAFSA.  The FAFSA is the tool that students use to access need-based awards.  The window opens up on Oct 1 every year.  Every year that a student is enrolled in college, he/she must complete a FAFSA.



    This site allows students to access Blackboard.  Blackboard is a tool used in many classrooms for interactive and collaborative learning opportunities. 



    This tool helps students to prepare for the SAT and some of their academic classes. 



    This website is what we use to register for the SAT.  Click around see all the things that the site can help you do to prepare for college



    This is a great tool to help you figure out all your college options. 



    This is a great resource to assist you in applying to college and finding scholarships



    Ethan is a great resource with helping you craft your college essay and lots of other great college resources.



    This is a great resource to assist first generation college-bound students with finding schools that are first generation friendly



    CollegeBound is a local scholarship provider that has lots of scholarships and grants for Baltimore City School students



    The Central Scholarship Bureau offers scholarships for students in Maryland and interest free loans. 



    The Common App currently serves over 600 colleges and universities across the country.  Students use one application to apply to multiple schools



    This website, which operates under ED Trust, provides students and families the opportunity to get independent consumer information about schools (GPA, SAT/ACT scores, average cost, and so much more).  You can also compare like institutions to figure your fit and match.



    This website is a great resource to assist families and students in the college and career process.  Lots of great resources for everyone.