What's Happening in Drama Class?


    PK/K:  Students are learning how actors use their bodies, voices, and facial expressions to play a character, reveal setting, and show emotion.


    Students in grades 1-8 are engaged in a Playwriting Unit. The goal is for all students to submit a 10-minute play to Center Stage's Young Playwrights Festival

    Grades 1/2: Plays will be written as a whole class collaboration. Focus on writing a tall tale or a folktale.

    Grades 3/4:Plays will be written in small groups. Focus on creating characters, setting, and a basic plot.

    Grades 5/6: Plays will be written in small groups or independently. Focus on revealing plot through dialogue.

    Grades 7/8: Plays will be written either independently or with a partner. Focus on revealing character through dialogue.