• What is a community school?

    A Community School bring together a wide range of partners and community resources to promote student achievement, positive conditions for learning and the well-being of families and communities. While the core focus of our strategy is on children, we recognize that children grow up in families who are integral parts of communities.

    Community schools and partner organizations work with school staff to provide additional programming and services for students and families. This includes high-quality afterschool activities or tutoring, health check-ups or mental health counseling, or tax-preparation services or financial counseling for parents.

    Barclay as a community school

    Barclay is a Community School with Strong City Baltimore with a full time coordinator to facilitate the many service and relationships that make up the community school resource network.  Partnerships and programs provide a wide array of extracurricular achievement, academic supports, and youth development.  Child First Authority - our after school partner - provides a comprehensive program where students do homework, extend learning through arts and science enrichment, and still have plenty of time for play.  For more information, contact Barclay's Community School Coordinator Tenne Thrower at tthrower@strongcitybaltimore.org

    Barclay as a University-Assisted Elementary/Middle School

    Goucher College  Goucher facilitates volunteer involvement at Barclay through the college's Office of Community-Based Learning Weekly Program. Throughout Baltimore City and County, Goucher's more than 25 community- based learning courses serve over 3,000 students, families, and individuals.  At Barclay, Goucher student volunteers facilitate community-based learning courses, mentoring and one-to-one math and literacy tutoring for students.


    Johns Hopkins University  Barclay's partnership with Johns Hopkins represents a 10-year, multimillion-dollar commitment to engineering and computer science education.  The university is committed to Baltimore City's well-being, and its partnership with Barclay is one of several significant investments the university is making in the surrounding communities of Central Baltimore. 


    JHU's Whiting School of Engineering combined with Barclay teachers' experience to provide evidence-based engineering and computer science education programs to improve STEM achievement.


    A student who attends Barclay from preschool through 8th grade will have had up to 10 years of engineering education and experience - far more than the average high school student, even one graduated with Advanced Placement credits.