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  • Margaret Brent has partnered with Johns Hopkins University to deepen science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) lessons for first through fifth graders through an initiative called SABES (STEM Achievement in Baltimore Elementary Schools). SABES- a National Science Foundation program- provides students with STEM (Science, Technology and Engineering and Math) lessons, fun, hands-on STEM projects through the afterschool component and the opportunity for students to present their work at the fall and spring STEM Showcases. Family members are invited to attend these free events to see the student projects and do hands-on STEM activities.
    Read media coverage of the SABES program here:
    Below is a snapshot of the units covered in each grade:
    Grade 1:
    Unit 1: Sunrise, Sunset
    Unit 2: Can You See the Light?
    Unit 3: Wonders of Life
    Unit 4: Calls of the Wild
    Grade 2:
    Unit 1: What’s the Matter?
    Unit 2: The Changing Earth
    Unit 3: What Do Plants Need?
    Unit 4: Hermitropolis
    Grade 3:
    Unit 1: Insect Encounter
    Unit 2: Magnetism
    Unit 3: What Makes Me, ME?
    Unit 4: Survival of the Fittest
    Unit 5: Sheep in a Jeep
    Unit 6: Weather Watchers
    Grade 4:
    Unit 1: It’s Electric!
    Unit 2: Music to My Ears
    Unit 3: Roller Coaster
    Unit 4: Extreme Earth
    Unit 5: Where in the World?
    Unit 6: Hot! Hot! Hot!
    Grade 5:
    Unit 1: Patterns in the Sky
    Unit 2: Remarkable Reactions
    Unit 3: The Water Cycle
    Unit 4: Conserving the Earth’s Resources
    Unit 5: Save the Bay!
    Unit 6: Amazing Adaptations
    Fun STEM activities and games to do at home can be found on the SABES website at:
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