• Work Based Learning at Great Kids Farm  

    One way Great Kids Farm develops young people to lead their peers into a more sustainable future based on local, healthy food sources is through Work Based Learning internships. Our interns not only become skilled growers and eaters, but also serve as ambassadors for the farm. Great Kids Farm interns assist with:
    • Planting seeds, tending seedlings, caring for maturing plants, harvesting, washing and packaging produce, and participating in all aspects of farm work
    • Processing and packaging farm-grown produce for service in Baltimore City Public School Cafeterias 
    • Building the infrastructure of the farm, including fences, washing stations, an earth oven and more
    • Raising goats and composting worms
    • Leading educational tours of the farm for students and visitors
    • Greeting guests at community events

    Some high school students enrolled in Career and Technology Education (CTE) pathways such as Agriculture Sciences, Environmental Sciences, or Culinary Arts may be able to earn course credit for their career certification.