• Healthy Eating Healthy Living

    Great Kids Farm’s Healthy Eating Healthy Living initiative is an ongoing program that supports schools and their communities in strengthening their commitment to living a healthy lifestyle.  This initiative encompasses educational support and activities targeted at students, teachers, and families to build knowledge and confidence through practice in the areas of healthy eating and school and community gardens.  Throughout the school year, Great Kids Farm will provide monthly opportunities for students, teachers, and families to engage in activities or events to learn or enhance their current skills.   Each month will have a specific theme and will include a student, teacher, and family engagement piece.   This may be as simple as a recipe or educational video clip distributed via social media or as complex as an educational summit held at Great Kids Farm.  

    Participation in the program is open to any City Schools’ student, teacher, or family.  There is no registration necessary to participate in the overall program.  Although some events and activities may have grade level criteria and will require registration on a first come first serve basis.  All information will be distributed via City Schools’ social media outlets as well on the Great Kids Farm website and Facebook pages.  

Healthy Eating Healthy Living