•  Letterhead

    August 7, 2015

    Dear Harlem Park Families,

    I would like to start off by welcoming you to the 2015-2016 school year! I am excited, honored, and proud to serve as your new Principal.

    I was born and raised here in Baltimore City, and I’m the proud product of Baltimore City Public Schools. I graduated from West Virginia University and the University of Baltimore. My career in education started at Calverton Elementary Middle School as a Math and Technology teacher. After 5 years, I transitioned to become a founding teacher at Green Street Academy. I taught there for 4 years thus obtaining the statuses of Model and Lead Teacher. Last year I was the Resident Principal at Green Street Academy and part-time at Gilmor Elementary. I have one daughter who is a freshman in college this year.

    Having the opportunity to serve the scholars, dedicated staff, families, and partners in the Harlem Park EMS community is truly a dream come true! The more time I spend at Harlem Park, the more impressed and energized I become. Our school community members are welcoming, hardworking, and genuinely care about each other, and especially the young people we serve.

    The new school year is just around the corner, and I am eager to get it underway! I am looking forward to having the building full of scholars and staff and all of the energy they will bring. I want you to know that I’m here to serve all of our scholars and you as we begin our journey towards greatness. This is our year to prove that Harlem Park Elementary/Middle School has what it takes to become an amazing learning environment for scholars in West Baltimore. Working alongside each of you, our staff, and partners, we will make Harlem Park one of the premiere community schools in Baltimore.

    Your support is definitely needed to ensure that we are successful. Get excited and involved this year. We will need your ideas, feedback, talents, and time at school and during our community events. 

    Please take some time to read through all of the important information on this website. I will be at school throughout the remainder of the summer to plan and prepare for the opening of the year. If you need me to answer questions or address concerns, feel free to call me at the office (410-396-0633) or send an e-mail to dlogan01@bcps.k12.md.us, and we can figure out a time to meet and chat. My door is always open to you, and I value your thoughts and feedback.

    I am looking forward to an amazing school year as we make Harlem Park "The Place to Be" – A Community School on the Move Towards Excellence!


    Denisha Logan

    Principal, Harlem Park Elementary/Middle School