Judy Hoyer Early Childhood Program, Together @ 3
    Emphasis on early start for school readiness infants and toddlers, early stimulation children with autism.

    Talented and Gifted Program
          Talented and Gifted Program is for grades K-5; opened to all students with interests specific talents, parents, teachers recommendation.  Reading competition is open to grades PreK-5.  Winners are selected by a panel of judges.  Competition Day is opened to the public.  3 Winners per grade level are selected.  Carson Reading Room, opened to all students, family and staff.

    Child First Authority After School Program
          The Child First Authority(CFA) is a Baltimore community-wide after-school program that seeks to improve the quality of life in low socioeconomic status communities. The CFA received funding from the Mayor’s Office, the Governor, and the City Council through a local Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) branch named Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development (BUILD). During the first year of funding, the CFA established after-school programs in 10 schools. Each program included an extended-school-day component concentrating on academics. The main goal of the program is to improve the quality of life in Baltimore City by directly serving public school students and their families academically, culturally, and behaviorally in the after-school hours. The program uses the schools as hubs of activity in which parents, staff, administrators, church members, students, and other community members get together. CFAs hours of opperation are Monday-Thursday 2:50 pm-5:50pm
          Although the overall goal of the program in each school site is the improvement of the quality of life, the CFA programs in the Baltimore schools are not all the same. BUILD oversees the programs as a whole, and specifies the parent/community components of the program, but the programs have evolved differently from site to site. For example, school sites have chosen to use or develop different academic and cultural enrichment programs, depending on the needs and the goals of the program planning team at each site.
    Be More Fit

    Baltimore Fitness Academy

    The mission of the Baltimore Fitness Academy (BMoreFit) is to provide youth with physical fitness skills for lifelong, healthy living. BMoreFit’s signature initiative is the BMoreFit Kit designed to enable and promote fitness breaks in any setting, at any time.