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Alert - Meal Site Closure

Gardenville Elementary School, including its meal site, will be closed today for deep cleaning. This is a precautionary measure after a potential case of COVID-19 was identified. For alternative meal sites, please visit

Expires in 8 hours

Distance Learning

City School students will participate in distance learning each day, in real time, with their teachers. Instructional materials and lessons will be accessed online using applications provided by City Schools. All students in need will be provided with a laptop to attend classes, access online platforms, complete assignments and communicate with teachers. 


Distance learning for the start of school will follow each student’s individual schedule. All student schedules for the 2020-2021 school year will be available via Campus Portal. Attendance will be taken daily. If your child needs a laptop but was not able to receive one on or before the first day of school, there will be no penalties for lessons they are unable to complete or for missed attendance.  Students and families must notify their school each day they are without a laptop so our records are updated, students are credited and students receive a laptop as soon as one becomes available.


Students must log in to use Zoom. Learn how by clicking the "Zoom Sign-In Directions" button below

All students should log into Zoom before attending live sessions. Beginning Thursday, September 17, ONLY authenticated users will be able to access district Zoom meetings. If students do not log in, they will be unable to engage in live sessions.To learn more, scroll down the page to the button about Zoom.


Student Support Hotline

The Student Support Line will provide live assistance to parents/families to resolve concerns Monday through Friday – please call 443-984-2001. The hours are 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

Distance Learning Resources

See Instructions

Zoom Sign-In Directions

Zoom for Students and Families

Laptops and Hotspots

Campus Portal



Google Classroom for Students and Families

Directions - Issues with logging into your Chromebook


Tips to Help Your Child Focus and Stay Engaged

Courtesy: Johns Hopkins School of Education

Proper Internet Etiquette

Courtesy: Pearson

Family Guide for Clever

Device Use and Care Overview

Chromebook Overview Flyer