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Distance Learning

City School students will participate in distance learning each day, in real-time, with their teachers. Instructional materials and lessons will be accessed online using applications provided by City Schools. All students in need will be provided with a laptop to attend classes, access online platforms, complete assignments, and communicate with teachers. 

Attendance will be taken daily. If your child needs a laptop but was not able to receive one on or before the first day of school, there will be no penalties for lessons they are unable to complete or for missed attendance.  Students and families must notify their school each day they are without a laptop so our records are updated, students are credited and students receive a laptop as soon as one becomes available.

All students should log into Zoom before attending live sessions. Only authenticated users will be able to access district Zoom meetings. If students do not log in, they will be unable to engage in live sessions.

Student Support Hotline
The Student Support Line will provide live assistance to parents/families to resolve concerns Monday through Friday – please call 443-984-2001. The hours are 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

Students must log in to use Zoom. Learn how by clicking the "Zoom Sign-In Directions" button below

Important Technology Update

Families with students that will continue with the district next school year

Students who will no longer remain on the roster in City Schools, whether due to graduation or out-of-district transfer, are to return their loaned technology devices, including laptops, Chromebooks including power adapters, etc. back to their current school. Hot spots need to be returned only if the family does not have other children who will be enrolled for the 2021-2022 school year. All returns must be checked in using the IC extension tool. Schools should verify and ensure that returning devices are the correct device assigned to the student. The Asset ID & serial # should match what's in the student record. 
Traditional school students transitioning from elementary to middle or middle to high should retain their devices (device follows the student) unless they are transferring to a Charter. If transitioning from a traditional school to a charter, student devices should be returned to the origin home school. A similar scenario is recommended for students transitioning from a Charter School to a Traditional school. The student device should remain or be returned to the origin home school. Students have the option to exchange devices in the fall if their particular program requires a different device type, i.e. A student may have a Chromebook assigned but may require a Windows device in High School or for a particular program that requires a different device type. 

Students separating from the district

Families who are returning for the next school year but do not wish to keep their City Schools issued technology devices over the summer may return them to their school. With summer virtual learning, promotion, and credit recovery activities planned as well as considerations for a return in the fall that blends in-person and virtual options, we believe it is best for all other students to keep their loaned devices through the summer. This applies to Seniors planning to engage in credit recovery as well as students transferring schools WITHIN the district; whether it be 8th graders transitioning to high schools, 5th graders transitioning to a middle school, or students seeking a new learning environment. 

Students participating in summer learning

Over the summer, students that need tech support should call the Student Support Line at 443-984-2001 to obtain assistance between Monday and Thursday. The hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Distance Learning Resources

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Zoom Sign-In Directions

See instructions

Zoom for Students and Families

Internet Access

Campus Portal



Google Classroom for Students and Families

Directions - Issues with logging into your Chromebook


Tips to Help Your Child Focus and Stay Engaged

Courtesy: Johns Hopkins School of Education

Proper Internet Etiquette

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Family Guide for Clever

Device Use and Care Overview

Chromebook Overview Flyer

Assessments and tests during virtual learning

Students will take assessments and tests during virtual learning. They help teachers know your child’s strengths, what they have learned, and areas where they may need additional support. Almost all tests and assessments will be given during class time, and teachers will help students log into the tools they need to take the tests

Extracurricular and Enrichment Opportunities

Virtual activities are not limited to the school day! These free or low-cost offerings contain various programs and/or sites where students can explore their passions and interests while still safe at home. One day students could be touring the Georgia Aquarium, the next taking an online art class at the Walters Art Museum!

Visit the extracurricular and enrichment opportunities webpage to find suggested activities organized by grade band and then by content areas.