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UPDATE: Network security and use of computers 

Effective immediately, staff and students may now use their personal devices to access virtual learning and other tools. We ask all users to continue to avoid using Baltimore County schools devices to access City Schools resources. You may use asynchronous online platforms that we know are secure, such as iReady, Imagine Math, Amplify online, etc. 

We also ask all users to avoid opening emails from suspicious sources. For security, we have blocked all emails coming from Baltimore County, and ITD is monitoring all incoming emails for suspicious messages. If you receive a suspicious email, do not open it and report the occurrence to

Expires on 11/30

Accelerated Process for Moving to the Professional Pathway

Can anyone follow the accelerated process to move to the professional pathway?

To participate in the accelerated process, candidates must

  • Be on the standard pathway
  • Have received at least an "effective" rating on performance evaluations in both the year prior to submitting an application and in the year of application submission* 
  • Hold a Standard Professional Certificate or Advanced Professional Certificate (conditional, provisional, or resident certificates are not acceptable) or have submitted all the necessary paperwork to earn one
  • Have no substantiated labor dispute findings through investigations
  • Have no suspensions during the year prior to submission
  • Complete requirements as described in the application packet and submit documentation of completion

* Candidates who taught in a district other than City Schools the year prior to submitting their application must include their end-of-year evaluation from their previous district. The prior-year evaluation requirement is waived for brand-new teachers.

What documentation must be submitted?

  • Copy of active teaching certificate or license showing Standard Professional Certification or Advanced Professional Certification
  • Receipt of completion of New Teacher Institute* (or a letter from your principal, if you attended a school-based new teacher institute) or proof of completion of the Teach Planning professional learning community 
  • Receipt of completion of the Instructional Framework and Rubric: Applying TEACH Key Actions to Your Practice, a 2-AU Comprehensive Literacy course, and any AU-bearing course taken through the district or content-specific graduate-level course (or proof of enrollment if courses will be completed within two weeks of the deadline)
  • Completed capstone project, as described in the application packet

* Related service providers and school counselors attend their own new employee orientations, not New Teacher Institute. These professionals should submit a letter from their supervisor confirming attendance at the relevant orientation.

What is the application process?

Please download, review, and complete the application packet

This year's deadline to submit your packet for accelerated movement is May 21, 2021

When do successful candidates receive their pay increases?

For successful candidates, placement on the professional pathway is effective July 1 following completion of the accelerated process. Pathway changes in the system will not appear for several weeks after that. Because of the compensation systems, the pay increase will begin several weeks into the next school year but will be retroactive to the start of the school year.

What if I've applied for certification but have not yet received my certificate?

Please include a note with your application that states that your certification documentation has been submitted. If applicable, note the alternative certification program you are part of. We will follow up with your program for confirmation. Please keep in mind that everything else must be submitted by the deadline.

What do I do if completion of the required courses is not showing up in my learning history on Employee Self-Service?

If you have completed a course but the AUs have not been posted or you are attending a course that will be completed within two weeks of the deadline, please submit everything else by the deadline and include a note about the missing course. Then, please email confirmation of completion to the Joint Governing Panel as soon as it is received.

Do my AUs move with me from the standard to the professional pathway?

No. Everyone who moves to the professional pathway through this accelerated process begins at interval 1 with no AUs.