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Safety Transfer

See: Transfer Requests

School Buildings

See: Buildings

School Effectiveness

See: Data

School Police

Baltimore City School Police ensure that students and staff have safe, secure environments for teaching and learning. 


School Safety & Security

City Schools has plans in place for responding in an emergency at both school and district levels, including regularly practicing a number of different safety drills.


School Transfer

See: Transfer Requests

School Types

Every student is unique, with different needs and talents. That's why we offer families the option to choose from different types of schools.



Staff resources for using SchoolDude Computerized Maintenance Management System


Schools Office Contacts


Schools Without AC


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math



The Special Education Citizens' Advisory Committee (SECAC) works with the Board of School Commissioners and district office staff to facilitate positive changes in the delivery of special education services.


Second Semester Announcement


Second Semester Staff FAQ


Section 504

See: Special Education

Setting the Record Straight


Sex-based Discrimination

See: Bullying


See: Youth Leadership Opportunities

Shadow days

See: Open houses

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Snack and supper application

Staff can apply for supper and snack service for students who participate in after-school programs


Snow Day

See: Inclement Weather

Social media guidelines


Special Education

To meet the needs of students with disabilities and support their academic success, City Schools provides a range of services and supports.


Special Education Citizens' Advisory Committee


Special Election Closings

List of schools closing for the special election in February 2020


Special Needs: Early Education

See: Programs for Young Children with Special Needs


See: Athletics

Staff Evaluation

See: Performance Evaluation for Staff

Staff Investigations


Staff: Navigating Self, Relationships, and Work


Standard Pathway

See: Career Pathways for Teachers

State legal document review


State supervised care



See: District Overview



Student Achievement

See: Data

Student Fair Practices


Student Government

See: Youth Leadership Opportunities

Student Media Team

See: City Schools TV

Student Voice

See: Youth Leadership Opportunities



Students with Disabilities

See: Special Education

Summer Jobs


Summer Learning


Summer Reading List

Lists of texts we recommend for summer reading



See: Code of Conduct


Our sustainability plan includes minimizing the environmental impact of our buildings, educating school communities, and empowering students to be leaders in creating a more sustainable world.


Sustainability Resources for Staff