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A-Z Directory


See: Data

Parent and Community Advisory Board (PCAB)

See: PCAB (Parent and Community Advisory Board)

Parent or Guardian


Parent Portal

See: Campus Portal


Partnerships are essential for providing the full range of support and services our students need and deserve. Find out how to work with us.


Payroll and Leaves (staff resource)

Employment information for current staff members, including payroll and leave time. 


PCAB (Parent and Community Advisory Board)


PD (staff resource)

See: Professional Learning (staff resource)

Performance Evaluation (staff resource)

Staff resources about performance evaluations, which all employees participate in. 


Performance Evaluation: PSRP, CUB, Local 44, Unaffiliated (staff resource)


Performance Evaluations: BTU (staff resource)


Performance Evaluations: PSASA (staff resource)



See: Using School Buildings


See: School Police


See: Board Policies

Portfolio Approach

See: School Types

Portfolio Review

See: School Portfolio Review

Pre-k and Kindergarten Registration

Children who turn four or five by September 1 can register for pre-k or kindergarten.


Press Releases



Information for businesses interested in bidding on City Schools projects


Procurement Guidelines, Processes, and Forms (staff resource)

Staff resources related to procurement and purchasing


Procurement with Federal Funds


Professional Learning (staff resource)

When staff members have ongoing opportunities for new learning, they grow as professionals and leaders. Find out what's available.


Professional Pathway

See: Career Pathways for Teachers (staff resource)

Public Information Requests

How to contact us to request information, including transcripts, data for research studies, and requests filed under the Maryland Public Information Act



See: Procurement