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See: Bullying

Health and Wellness (staff resource)

Staff resources for health benefits and the Employee Assistance Program.


Health Services

When students are healthy, they are ready to learn. City Schools works with numerous partners to provide a range of free in-school health services.


Heating and Cooling

Through new construction, renovation, replacement, and maintenance, City Schools is working to make our classrooms as comfortable as possible. Learn more about how we're managing heating and cooling in our school buildings.


High School

Find out about high school curriculum and options including college preparation, dual enrollment, and Career and Technology Education


High School Choice

Every student is unique so at City Schools, all students choose the high schools they want to attend.


High School Registration

See: High School Choice

Home and Hospital Program

See: Health Services

Home Schooling

Resources for families who decide to teach their children at home


Homeless Services

Being homeless can make it harder to succeed in school. But City Schools can help.



See: Heating and Cooling