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School year schedule, along with dates and times of meetings, events, and other activities


Campus Portal

The convenient, 24/7 way to access schedules, attendance, grades, and more.


Capital Improvement Program

See: Buildings

Career and Technology Education

See: High School

Career Pathways for Teachers (staff resource)



See: Jobs

CEO Ombudsman

See: Complaints

CEO Sonja Santelises

Dr. Sonja Brookins Santelises has spent close to 30 years focused on building high-quality teaching and learning to help students excel. Read about her background and check out upcoming CEO events in the community.


Certification (staff resource)

Information for current employees about certifications.


Charter and Contract School Renewal

See: School Portfolio Review

Charter Schools

These public schools are managed by outside operators, with decision-making over aspects of programming, budgets, and more. Together, City Schools' charter and contract schools give families more options for meeting students' needs and interests.


Child Find

See: Special Education

Chronic Absence

See: Attendance

City Schools Connect


Code of Conduct


College Readiness

See: High School

Communications and Community Engagement Contacts


Communications department

See: Communications and Community Engagement Contacts

Communications Templates (staff resource)


Community Member


Community Use of Schools

See: Using School Buildings




See: Complaints

Conducting Research

See: Research and Data Requests


See: Buildings

Contact Us


Contract Schools

See: Charter Schools

Curriculum, Grades 6 to 8

See: Middle School

Curriculum, Grades 9 to 12

See: High School

Curriculum, Pre-k to Grade 5

See: Elementary School


See: Bullying