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Academics Office Contacts


Accelerated Process for Pathway


Achievement and Accountability Office Contacts


Achievement Data

See: Data

Achievement Units for Teachers

By earning achievement units, teachers advance on their professional pathway.


Additional Summer Opportunities



See: Heating and Cooling

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Announcements and Press Releases


Annual Review of Schools

Every year, we take a close look at all of the city's schools and programs to make sure we are offering high-quality options to all of our students — no matter where they live or their particular needs, talents, and interests. We call this the annual school portfolio review.



See: Youth Leadership Opportunities

Assessment Resources for Staff

Tools for assessment scheduling and administration


Assistive Technology

See: Special Education


In addition to physical education as part of the school curriculum, middle and high school students can compete in interscholastic athletics outside the regular school day.



Every day, students learn something new at school. That's why if a student misses even one day, he or she is missing out.


Audit, Internal

See: Internal Audit

Augusta Fells Savage



See: Achievement Units for Teachers