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Student Learning Centers

Limited in-person learning opportunities

Beginning in September 28, 2020, Baltimore City Public Schools and Baltimore City Recreation and Parks (BCRP) host Student Learning Centers, an in-person space to engage in distance learning. Around 1,000 students in kindergarten through 5th grade will be able to complete their lessons at 15 locations in both schools and city recreation centers. 

Students will be selected to participate through a weighted lottery based on their need and selection criteria. If you would like your student (grade K-5 only) to be considered, please login to Infinite Campus using the link below.

Note: you must meet eligibility requirements to be considered. Preference will be given to students whose parent or guardian travels outside the home to work or who are homeless. consideration will also be given to students that attend schools that will host a SLC or that receive Concerntrations of Poverty Grant Funds (see list here).

If you have questions or need help to complete an application, please call our SLC hotline at 443-984-2001.

Complete an application here using Campus Portal

NOTE: For login issues, visit or call 443-984-2001. Directions are in the FAQ.

Student Learning Center Locations

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Frequently Asked Questions

What steps do I need to apply in Campus Portal?

  1. Please click the orange button or this link.
  2. Once you have successfully logged in, click the "more" option on the left side of the screen (it's the last option)
  3. Then, on the right side, click the "academic progress" option
  4. When you arrive on the "academic progress" page, click the "Student Learning Centers application" option

If you have questions, please call 443-984-2001.

Who is eligible?

Due to limited capacity and social distancing requirements, the Student Learning Centers are only available to support students in kindergarten through grade 5 whose parent or guardian travels outside the home to work or who are homeless.

Also, students that do not have their current immunizations will not be eligible for the Student Learning Centers program (unless they have a medical or religious exemption). Learn more here.

If a family believes their student meets these criteria, they are encouraged to complete the Student Learning Center Application (via computer, smartphone, or by calling the SLC hotline) between September 1 and September 9.

I have multiple students that meet the requirements? Am I eligible?

Families that are selected will be allowed to have all of their City Schools students in grades K-5 participate at the same Student Learning Center. Eligibility will be verified using data in the Campus Portal, the district’s student information system. Please confirm that your household is listed accurately in our system.

How will students be selected?

Students will be selected based on a lottery process for eligible families/households. Preferences will be given to:

  • homeless students
  • students that attend schools that receive Concentrations of Poverty funding
  • students that did not participate in distance learning in Spring 2020
  • students enrolled at a school that hosts a Student Learning Center

The lottery will take place on September 10-12. Selected families will be notified and instructed to enroll between September 14-16, 2020. To be considered for the lottery, please click the large orange button and login to Campus Portal.

What are the hours and locations for the program?

The hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily. The locations are:

  • William Paca Elementary
  • Waverly Elementary Middle
  • Calvin M. Rodwell Elementary Middle
  • Dorothy I. Height Elementary
  • Elmer A. Henderson Elementary Middle
  • Wildwood Elementary Middle
  • Mary E. Rodman Elementary
  • Sinclair Lane Elementary
  • Pimlico Elementary Middle
  • Sandtown-Winchester Elementary Middle
  • Bay Brook Recreation Center
  • Lakeland Elementary Middle 
  • John Ruhrah Elementary Middle
  • Beechfield Elementary Middle
  • Baltimore International Academy East

What activities will take place at an SLC?

Students will participate in virtual learning in small cohort groups supervised by a distance learning proctor. Additionally, students will take part in recreation-lead activities designed to move their minds and bodies.

How will social distancing be observed?

To serve students most in need while observing social distancing guidelines, the program will be limited to 10 to 15 students per group.

What other health and safety procedures will be used?

Each center was evaluated and selected based on their locations, available air conditioning, access to wireless internet and proximity to outdoor space. Each facility will be outfitted with the proper health and safety equipment for students and staff including face shields, cloth masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. Additionally, health screenings will be mandatory for all staff, students and visitors. 

How do I create a Campus Portal account?

Click here and complete the form. 

If you have questions, please call 443-984-2001.