• Dear Families,

    Beechfield continues to make progress in key areas: instruction, achievement, attendance, and school climate. I am very proud of our students, families, community, and staff. Our school has built a STRONG foundation for success. Yet, I cannot help but wonder, “What is missing?”

    Parents and families play an important role in our school's success. We need more parents to become invested in our school and become partners with us. Let your children know that you support and believe in our vision of excellence. The children must know that we are on the same team and want what is best for them.

    Staff must consistently provide quality and rigorous instruction which will require us to work harder. It is important that our staff communicate more often with parents and families about their children's progress, behavior, and academic potential. Parents and students need to know not only about challenges, but also learn about accomplishments. Our students come first and deserve the very best our staff can offer.

    Students must take learning seriously! School is a place of teaching and learning. Our staff is here to help the students develop understanding of skills and concepts. We need students to pursue excellence in their attitudes, behavior, and academic performance. We expect students to follow our school wide expectations and display appropriate behavior at all times. There is no time to waste!

    I believe this 2010-2011 school year will truly be “IT” for the students, parents and staff of Beechfield Elementary Middle School! Can we do IT? YES We Can!
    Mrs. Renee Browning, Principal