• Fundraising Questions

    Q. Why does Roland Park conduct fundraising?
    A. Roland Park receives money from the City to cover salaries and basic operating costs, but it is far less than what is needed. At Roland Park, fundraisers have paid for supplies for special projects, field trips for children who could not afford them, postage for mailings to parents, and paint, window shades, toner, and printers as needed.

    Q. What is the difference between Roland Park and PTA fundraising efforts?
    A. Both Roland Park and the PTA do fundraising, and both seek to make Roland Park even better for our children. PTA fundraising generally goes to larger, target projects plus after school clubs and enrichment activities. School fundraising is more “ad hoc.” It allows Roland Park to have a “rainy day fund” in case the copy machine breaks, a teacher needs special supplies or wants to throw a pizza party or if teachers want postage for children to have pen pals. In the perfect world, parents who are able to support both will support both.

    Q. Do I need to buy wrapping paper in order to contribute to the school?
    Parents have asked if they can write a check to the Roland Park rather than buy fundraiser products. The answer is YES! Some families do better asking friends and family to buy wrapping paper and other fundraising items, and others prefer to write a check. Fundraiser companies do much of the fundraiser work and provide Roland Park typically with 50% of proceeds. With a check to the school, Roland Park uses 100% of funds. Checks can be payable to “Roland Park Elementary Middle School.”

    Parental commitment to Roland Park is extraordinary. There are parents who give money and parents who volunteer countless hours in cafeterias, painting bathrooms, serving as grade parents, and keeping the grounds beautiful. Our school needs the resources to respond to unpredictable needs every year and also recognizes how much parents give to the School in so many ways. The school is grateful for all contributions parents make to the Roland Park community.