• Student Uniform & Dress Policy

    This policy supports Belmont Elementary School's mission to provide a positive learning environment that meets the unique needs of scholars and their supporters.

    This policy will support students, teachers and families in the following ways: ensuring that the standards of excellence are upheld at Belmont; promoting school pride and unity; improving student behavior and safety; helping students focus on work and increasing their academic achievement; identifying non-Belmont student visitors on campus; identifying Belmont students on excursions and off-campus activities; reducing dress competitiveness, cliquishness and gang affiliation.


    Belmont’s School Uniform

    • All students attending Belmont Elementary School are required to wear the school uniform effective the first day of school.
    • Students are required to wear a clean school uniform daily.
    • Uniforms will be worn as designed.

    The following dress code also applies:

    • All clothing and accessories must be free of messages relating to drugs, gangs, sex or profanity.
    • All gang related fashion is prohibited.
    • Only jackets and sweaters with open front top-to-bottom buttons or zippers may be worn. These outer garments are not to be worn in place of a uniform shirt. All uniform shirts must be visible.
    • Hoods of outer garments must not be worn during school.
    • Stocking caps or head covers, wristbands, sweatbands, headbands and leg bands of any kind are not to be worn on campus.
    • Hats, caps and visors may be worn outdoors only.
    • Discrete and appropriately sized pants, shorts and skirts (NO SHORTER than mid-thigh) must be secure at the waist with no undergarments or posteriors showing. Belts are recommended.

    Loaner Uniform

    Any student not wearing a school uniform will be sent to the Family Support Coordinator to borrow and sign out a school loaner uniform. Student will be expected to wear the loaner uniform for that day. Students clothes will be kept with the Family Support Coordinator and return in exchanged for the loaner uniform.


    All loaner uniforms are cleaned by a parent volunteer and/or staff member after they have been worn. We also have new socks and underwear in case of an accident. These items are not to be returned. However, we do accept donations of new items.


    Uniform violation consequences:

    1 Student counseled and warned.

    2 Student assigned lunch detention.

    3 Student assigned after school detention; parent notified.

    4 Student assigned multiple detentions; parent notified.

    5+ Referral to administrator, in-school-suspension assigned


    Free Dress Days

    There will be designated “Free Dress Days” that will be announced when students are not required to wear the school uniform. However, students are expected to wear appropriate clothing to school and any school-sponsored activities. The Dress Code will still apply.


     The following additional rules apply to student attire on Free Dress Days:

    • All tops shall not be low-cut and must cover the midsection of the body.
    • All tops must have straps one inch or wider and be fitted under the arms; no strapless tops are allowed.
    • All undergarments (including camisoles) shall not be visible nor show through clothing.

    School Uniform Assistance

    Families needing assistance for purchasing school uniforms due to financial hardship may apply in person at the main office. Uniform assistance is for families with financial need. Financial eligibility will be determined by the District office. There is no guarantee that you will receive assistance since many families apply during the summer months.